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RC 2002 Xmas Plate
RC 2002 Xmas Plate

2002 - Winter In The Forest - 7 inches

The origin of the Christmas plate is an old Danish tradition.  Wealthy people gave their servants a plate heaped with goodies.  When the food was eaten, the plates often served as a decoration on the wall.  The worlds first Christmas plate from a porcelain factory was introduced in 1895 (Bing & Grondahl).  The idea was later taken up by several Scandinavian porcelain factories. 
Royal Copenhagen of Denmark began making Christmas Plates in 1908.  Each annual plate is artistically designed in relief, unique for the year in which it is produced.  The year displayed on the surface of the plate, is the year in which it is made.  Today, the process of design and production varies little from the original manner established so long ago.  The porcelain is poured into a mold, fired in the furnace, and hand painted under-glaze.

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