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Ost-Telemark Bunad
Ost-Telemark Bunad

Øst-Telemark Bunad Figurine

The Øst-Telemark bunad figurine portrays a woman’s bunad from the Eastern part of the county of Telemark, Norway. The “ Sash Skirt” came into use in 1850, and is from the Telemark area. As late as the 1950s older women still used the beltestakk for formal occasions. It got the name from the wide belt or sash that is used around the waistline. The skirt varies quite a bit in the embroidery and the color of the hem come in various colors. The jacket has a stiffened edge or skjæl in the back that is special to this particular bunad. The blouse has embroidery on the collar and the front. Sometimes the cuffs can also be embroidered. There are many preserved antique aprons that can be used as variations for this bunad.

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