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Jolster Bunad
Jolster Bunad

Jølster Bunad Figurine

The Jølster bunad figurine portrays a woman’s bunad from Jølster, located in the Sunnfjord area in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. The initial design that would eventually be developed into the modern Jølster bunad was created by Olina Fossheim in 1914. The bunad became known out site of Jølster at a convention held in 1922. After many years the bunad developed into the authenticated design that is known today. The Sunnfjord bunad can have various belts and apron patterns, and it can be made in different colors. The design portrayed by our bunad figurine is just one of the variations. The skirt is made from black or dark blue wool with a red hem, and white cross-stitch embroidery above the hem. It is pleated with a kick-pleat in black. The jacket is red wool with dark blue, green, white and yellow trim. It is open in the front, with a few concealed hooks right above the waistline. It has a red or dark blue bodice, with narrow trim in green or red and a woven band. One each side of the opening in the front there is there is a piece of decorative band called "eyelet cloths". The blouse is made of white linen with white-work around the collar, and on each side of the front placket, and on the cuffs sleeves. The bunad has a home-woven, half wool apron in different stripped patterns. The hat is made of black or dark blue cloth with white stiffened lace work around the edge, and two patterned streamers hanging down the back. The bunad silver consists of a neck button with dangles, button cufflinks and one or two brooches, gilded ornaments on the belt and its streamer and the belt buckle.

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