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The Last Word on Lutefisk
The Last Word on Lutefisk

The Last Word on Lutefisk provides you with the most comprehensive collection of facts, fiction, and folklore surrounding this simple fish with the unforgettable scent. Here, a historical account of this colorful lutefisk tradition is mixed with homespun tales, humor, tours, poetry, lyrics--even lutefisk cheers! You will find:

* Old country travel and lutefisk lore
* Tales of Norse fishermen--and great color photographs
* Why lye is used in soaking the fish
* Secrets of making your own superior lutefisk
* Why lutefisk does not build character--it reveals it
* A directory of the 300 finest lutefisk dinners in North America

A taste of both culture and culinary traditions, The Last Word on Lutefisk invites you to partake in this peculiar, exuberant Scandinavian feast.  208 pages, paperback

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