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Flag Flying Holidays


 January 1
 New Year's Day
 March 28
 Birthday of Queen Ingrid
 April 16
 Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday
 April 29
 Princess Benedikte’s Birthday
 May 5
 Liberation of Denmark Day (1945)
 May 26
 Crown Prince Frederik’s Birthday
 variable Ascension Day
 variable Whit Sunday
 June 5
 Constitution Day
 June 7
 Prince Joachim’s Birthday
 June 11
 Prince Henrik’s Birthday
 June 15
 Valdemar’s Day
 June 30
 Princess Alexandra’s Birthday
 December 25
 Christmas Day


February 5
 Runebergin päivä (Runeberg's Day)
February 28
 Kalevalanpäivä (Kalevala Day)
April 9
 Mikael Agricolanpäivä (Mikael Agricola’s Day)
 April 27
 Veteraanipäivä (Veterans Day)
 May 1
 Vapunpäivä (Labor Day)
 2nd Sunday May
 Äitienpäivä (Mother’s Day)
 May 12
 Snellmanin päivä (JB Snellman’s Day)
 variable Whit Sunday
 June 4
 Puolustusvoimain Lippujuhla (Armed Forces Day)
 June 20
 Juhannuspäivä (St. John’s Day/Midsummer)
 October 10
 Aleksis Kiven päivä (Aleksis Kivi’s Day)
 October 24
 Yhdistyneiden Kansakuntien (U. N. Day)
 November 6
 Svenske Dagen (Swedish Day)
 2nd Sunday Nov
 Isänpäivä (Father’s Day)
 December 6
 Itsenäisyyspäivä (Finnish Independence Day)


 January 1
 New Year's Day
 April 26
 First Day of Summer
 May 1
 Labour Day
 variable Whit Sunday
 June 17
 National Day
 August 6
 Commerce Day


 January 1
 New Year’s Day
 February 21
 King Harald’s Birthday
 variable Easter Sunday
 May 1
 Labor Day
 May 8
 Victory in Europe Day
 May 17
 Constitution Day (Syttende Mai)
 June 7
 Union Dissolution Day (1905)
 July 4
 Queen Sonja’s Birthday
 July 29
 St. Olaf’s Day
 September 22
 Princess Martha Louise’s Birthday


 January 1
 New Year’s Day
 January 28
 King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Name Day
 March 12
 Crown Princess Victoria’s Name Day
 April 30
 His Majesty the King’s Birthday
 May 1
 Labor Day
 June 6
 Sweden’s National Day
 July 14
 Crown Princess Victoria’s Birthday
 August 8
 Queen Silvia’s Name Day
 variable Election Day
 October 24
 United Nations Day
 November 6
 Gustav Adolf’s Day
 December 10
 Nobel Day
 December 13
 Sancta Lucia Day
 December 23
 Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday
 December 25
 Christmas Day

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